Hello! My name is Alyson Herzog, and I’m a graphic designer and hand letterer in Houston, Texas. I’ve been described by clients as “The Cat’s Pajamas” and “Rad” and I do what I can to hold true to this.

Texas A&M was a no brainer for me when it was time for college, and I got my degree in Visualization. My focus was graphic design, and I have a minor in Art & Architecture History.

A few years out of college I started teaching myself to hand letter, and I now teach lettering classes and freelance around town.

Detail is my middle name, and I’m very focused on the quality of my work. With experience in multi-disciplinary design and marketing firms and a thriving print company, I understand my client’s needs and the process involved to get the job done.

I would love to help you with anything from your wedding invitations to your new branding and everything in between. Shoot me a message and we can start the conversation about what you need!